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Born in 1967 in Acerra (Naples, Italy).
The aim of his photographic research is to investigate how the human gaze perceives space.
From ’90 to ’95 he took an active part in a project on teenagers from the suburbs which
was exhibited at the Institut Français de Naples Grenoble (1997) curated by Jean-Noël Schifano.
At the same time, he was involved in advertising photography for the jewelry sector
and his photos were published in the most important sector magazines.

He attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples where he met Ennery Taramelli
( art historian and art and photography critic).
Together they created the books Vesevo (Vesuvius) IntraMoenia ed. Naples 2003,
and Campi Flegrei (Phlegraean Fields) – Qui i piedi non si posano per terra
(Your feet don’t touch the ground here) IntraMoenia ed. Naples 2007.
The work was presented at the PAN Exhibition Centre in Naples (Palazzo delle Arti, Napoli)
curated by Olga Scotto di Vettimo.
He has put his work on show at various personal and joint exhibitions: Occhio (Un) stable,
(Vulcanocontemporary art, Caivano 2007), Vita Fantasma (Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan 2009).
Viaggio in Europa(Journey through Europe) has been presented at
the Area 24 Gallery, Araki, D’Inverno, Yokosuka, Zaza, (Naples 2009)
and at the Biennial of contemporary video and photography (Alessandria 2011)
curated by Sabrina Raffaghello.
One recent piece of work entitled “Quattro Tempi” has been presented at the Royal Palace of Caserta.

He is represented by SR Contemporary Art Berlin.

Toscanafotofestival,ed. 2005
winner Prix de la Photographie di Parigi (2016)
Confini 13 ( 2016)

1997 Jeunes, Istitut Francais de Naples Grenoble
1999 Adolescenti ad Acerra, Accademia Belle Arti, Naples
2005 Toscanafotofestival, Florence
2007 Campi Flegrei”- Qui i piedi non si posano per terra PAN Naples
2007 Occhio (Un) Stable Vulcanocontemporary art di Caivano
2009 Vita Fantasma Fabbrica del vapore, Milan
2009 Fotografie ,(Nobuyoshi Araki, Luciano D’Inverno, Noriaki Yokosuka, Michele Zaza) Area24 Naples
2011 Biennale di VideoFotografia of Alessandria
2016 Viaggio in Europa, Genova Vision Quest Gallery
2016 Viaggio in Europa, Trieste, Sala Fenice
2016 Viaggio in Europa, Cosenza, L’impronta
2016 Viaggio in Europa, Florence, PhotoGallery
2016 Viaggio in Europa, Venice CivicoCinque Gallery
2019 Quattro Tempi, Royal Palace of Caserta

Bella Mbriana mia for the Museum of the Mask by Tommaso Esposito, 1995
Adolescenti ad Acerra, 1999
Processioni by Luciano d’Inverno, 1999
Vesevo by Luciano d’Inverno ed. IntraMoenia, Naples 2003
Campi Flegrei Qui i piedi non si posano per terra, ed. IntraMoenia, Naples 2007
Quattro Tempi, ed. ARTE’M, Naples 2019